Currently, there are two primary ways that a person can build an e-commerce website:

  • Use the templates for websites
  • Getting a designer to create a custom website

Each method has its pros and cons. The only way to determine the method that will work best for your business will be to understand both options.

Templates for Websites: What are they?

If you would like to build your business website, you will have different options open to you. You could choose to set up your e-commerce store on WordPress. Here, you will need to apply a theme to your site.

The theme will provide your website with functionality as well as improve its appearance. Different themes are available for download or purchase, depending on the kind of features you want the site to have.

You could alternatively opt to work with a site builder. These are platforms where you can create yourown site using a few clicks. You will also be provided with e-commerce functionality, email, and hosting services. There are those that will provide the service for free, while others will charge a monthly fee.

Regardless of whether you go for a WordPress website, or choose to work with a site builder, you will need access to themes. This will allow your website to start running within no time. Even though you may have to learn a few things along the way, the learning curve is fairly simplified.

Custom Website Design and Development

It is an option that will require you to handle a design firm. The design company will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. You may have to sit through a creative session with the firm to determine what you need from the website.

Additionally, the firm will need to determine the SEO best practices to use with the site and the type of return on investment that you expect to receive. Custom websites often take longer to deploy as it involves much more than determining how your e-commerce website will look like.

Website design is a complicated process and involves a lot of work. The process can easily get complicated especially when the designer comes across a roadblock in the coding process. Templates are ideal for firms that are just starting out and do not have many functions to be carried out. As a business owner, you have to consider the two options and make a decision that will benefit the firm.

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