6 Top-Rated Shopify Themes to Sell Cosmetics Online Like a Pro

From face treatments to nail care, there is no limit to the cosmetics products online retailers can offer to their customers.

If you are interested in getting into the cosmetics industry, platforms like Shopify are the perfect option for you.

Shopify will help you build, design, and run your own online store without any tech skills or knowledge required. You will be able to list your products, launch your store, and sell cosmetic online in no time.

One of the best things about Shopify is that it offers a multitude of templates for those building an online store within the beauty industry.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a beautiful theme for your business, here is a collection of the top Shopify cosmetics templates for your store. In addition to this has not only the best templates of cosmetics but many more categories as for example sell furniture, sell clothes among others, in the following link you will find more information: https://www.shopify.com/sell/furniture

1. Simple

This is a free theme and an excellent choice for ecommerce vendors looking for a theme with clean and minimal design. It has easy-to-use sidebar navigation and offers drop-down menu.

The sidebar menu allows you to display your products and collections. You can display products from the same collection on your product page so visitors can continue shopping. With the product image zoom feature, you can give your customers a closer look when they click on an image.

There are lots of customization options to help you personalize your Shopify store. The mobile-friendly design will allow your potential shoppers to purchase your products via tablet or smartphone.

The template has social media icons, built-in styles and color palettes, drop-down navigation support, and free theme updates.

shopify themes

2. Mr. Parker

For all those online business vendors and retailers who are on the hunt for a beautiful Shopify theme – Mr.Parker is a perfect choice.

This theme is excellent for showcasing multiple product collections. There are 4 styles included – Sunset, Wardrobe, Desk, and Apothecary.

Some of the most important features this theme offers are Product Image Zoom, Marketing Popup, Collection Page Sidebar, Instagram Feed, and Product Filtering.

With the product image zoom feature, you can give your customers a closer look at your products. With the marketing popup feature, you can share promotional messages with your consumers. By using the Instagram feed, you can share your newest Instagram posts with your followers and customers. And, with product filtering, you can help customers to filter your products by size, color, and print.

Mr.Parker costs $160.

shopify themes
shopify themes

3. Pop

If you are relatively new to the cosmetics industry and you’ve just created your Shopify store, you need a simple and easy-to-use theme. You need the Pop theme (this is a free theme).

With its responsive design, this theme will make sure your products remain at the center of attention without too many details and overwhelming extras.

With a shopping cart included, this theme allows you to arrange your ecommerce website homepage in different styles. There are 2 styles available – Bone and Toy.

It has a sidebar menu which allows easy and quick navigation and access to information and product pages. The side-out cart helps customers add products to their shopping cart without leaving the current product page. The home page slideshow showcases multiple product and brand photos at the top of your main page (home page). Another great feature is the product image zoom feature that gives buyers a closer look and extra details about your products.

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4. Testament

If you are looking for a Shopify theme, designed for stores with large imagery, look no further as Testament is the ideal option for you.

Testament is available in 4 different styles – Genesis, Exodus, Deliverance, and Revelation.

Some of the most important theme features are product quick view, multi-column menu, color swatches, collection page sidebar, sticky navigation, and home page video.

With a multi-color drop-down menu, you can help your customers navigate your store. The color swatches on your product and collection page server to showcase available product colors. The collection page sidebar allows you to share collection-specific details on your collection page. And if you want to tell your business story, you can use the home page video feature and add a YouTube video.

This theme costs $140.

5. Prestige

This premium Shopify theme is designed for high-end and premium brands.

It comes in 3 different styles – Couture, Allure, and Vogue.

Whether your cosmetics brand sells products for women or men, you will find the design of this theme ideal for stopping purchasers in their tracks.

Prestige comes with great features. By using the built-in timeline tool, you can tell your brand story and share it with customers from all over the world. The theme is fully optimized for large images. You can showcase high-resolution product images throughout your store. It is designed for visual storytelling.

You can display menu lists on your home page and allow visitors to navigate large catalogs. 

This theme costs $180

shopify themes
shopify themes

6. Pipeline

Just so you know – women aren’t the only ones looking for beautiful themes on Shopify. Men, purchase personal care products as well. For example, shavers, beard oil, and numerous skin care treatments.

If your business sells personal beauty care products for men, this theme – Pipeline is an excellent choice for you.

Featuring an elegant design that looks amazing on all mobile and tablet devices, the Pipeline theme is ideal for selling all kinds of products – from foot care products to facial scrubs.

It comes in 3 different styles – Bright, Light, and Dark. You can view a demo or try the theme to see which style suits your store the most.

Pipeline is ideal for stores with a large number of beauty products. It features a multi-column drop-down menu that helps customers navigate your store. The theme is fully optimized for large photos (you can show high-resolution imagery throughout your shop).

The price is $140.

Selling Cosmetics Online with Shopify

Building your online cosmetic business is easy thanks to platforms like Shopify. With great apps, themes, and add-on tools, Shopify offers everything you need to build, design, and run your own brand online.

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